Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This Is Becoming An Obsession!

You guessed it; it's Soso Pavliashvili again. This time, he has appeared on Russian TV in a program where singers from all over Europe get together with Russian-language pop stars and basically perform multi-lingual mashups of hit songs. Generally speaking, it sounds a little weird to me, but it's an oddly attractive idea...especially with an odd pair like this!

Notice how CC is sleepwalking through the concert. The German dance musician looks like she has a bad case of jet lag, or boredom. Or maybe she's lip-synching?

...But then, Soso walks on stage about halfway through and totally steals the show. Like I said, this is becoming an obsession for me. His videos are hilarious. He seems like he is in his own little world, and totally overdoing it -- But it's as entertaining as you can get! Notice how he is all over her, while singing the "Ya tvoi geroi" part, and she looks a little bit nervous...then there is that VERY AWKWARD hug at the end.

I need to get this DVD.

Shameless plug for the online store where I bought this interesting mashed up cultural CD, which includes a duet with Soso and French pop star In-Grid.

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