Wednesday, November 7, 2007


...To this Mumiy Troll/Diskoteka Avariya collaboration, "Delfini!" (Downloads from this link, using

By now, you've probably guessed that I like Avariya. A LOT. I saw them in concert at Trafalgar Square for Staryy Novy God a few years back, and the high energy of their recorded songs does not even come close to their super live performances. Mumiy Troll is another one of my favorite bands -- I like them for the same reason I love Avariya; because they are not afraid to experiment with different styles of music. Most of their songs could be considered rock, (or as they say on, "Rockapops") but this one is a foray into dance (because it sounds produced by Avariya...) Anyway, it's worth a listen, and if I were any good with my DJ software I would make a killer remix. This track just begs to be remixed, in a good way.

To this classic Kino hit, "Gruppa Krovi." Download here. Most of you have probably heard it by now. Tsoy Zhiv!

To this Timbaland-produced track by Dima Bilan. You love him, or you hate him, or you love to hate him...but "Amnesia" is going to be a club smash hit. Download here.

In the picture, he's singing at Eurovision...gotta love the girl who randomly climbs out of the piano...

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