Sunday, February 25, 2007

This is one of those days when I wish I lived in Boston.

...Because it's Leningrad's 10th anniversary tour! And for some reason, they're not stopping in L.A. But if you live in Boston, near a place called Club Lido (and if you're over 18 with an ID) I urge you to go to their show on March 30. You can't attend their stadium shows in Moscow anymore, because the mayor has banned them due to the "nenormativnaya lexica." Ooops. Anyway, their music is fun to listen to--it's kind of a chanson-rock hybrid, with some songs being more punk or ska--and standard lyrics. Dachniki, mobilniki, pivo, sigareti. The New York Times called them "the most profoundly Russian stuff ever." And if you've heard their latest album, "Khleb," you know what I mean. It's available for download from the American iTunes store (finally!) and I recommend it.

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