Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sorry, I Just Have To Rant. (But Not Anymore!)


The Taisiya Povaliy and Nikolay Baskov American tour has been advertised all over Rosconcert and the Russian-language newspapers for the past six months. Ditto for Dima Bilan. There have been rumors about Valery Meladze's California tour since LAST SUMMER. (It's in May, San Fran and L.A., if you'd like to know.) So WHY did Rosconcert JUST post the announcement that Mumiy Troll will be appearing at the Roxy in West Hollywood THIS THURSDAY, Feb. 8????? Way to wait until the last minute, people. Now there's no way I can go. How did this happen, anyway? Who is promoting these tours, and where have MT's people been for the past couple of months? I feel like I should have known about this in advance.

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They're performing with a group called Ringside.

This calls for drastic action. Screw all prior plans; I'm driving down to Hollywood tomorrow night to see if I can score some secret tickets from the guy at Melodiya. That's worked exactly once in my life, but the Chicherina show was totally worth it.

Da svidanya...for now.


Sunday, Feb. 11, 2007

Well, I can't believe it, but I made it to the show! The tickets were all sold out at Melodiya and Teatralnaya Kassa, where I can usually get them, but I bought a ticket outside the night of. The price was incredibly jacked-up, but worth every cent. Mumiy Troll's recordings are great, but nothing can compare to a live show. It's easy to see why they're so popular in Russia; all of them have a great rapport with the audience and really interact with everyone. They even took a couple of requests...unfortunately their set wasn't that long :( ...but still, it was a great show!

Important Notice to Everyone Who Lives in San Fran (or around there):

It's at The Club Mighty in San Francisco, which is 21+. Tickets are $40 at the door (but ONLY $30 presale) and you can get them at

Have fun!

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b.p. said...

Hey, good luck! Good for you! Go go devushka! They are the best!