Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some Useful Websites

Russian Music on the Net-an outstanding overview of Russian music. There are music downloads, guitar tabs, translated and original lyics and informative articles about bands. Also, the forum is a great place to visit if you have a question about Russian music, need help finding a song/artist, or simply want to discuss anything to do with Russia or Russian music (especially rock).

There's even a store:

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Stars Radio-American-based site with info on Russian pop, rap and some rock. News stories are always helpful. Streaming radio and some mp3s (but they don't update a lot). Most of the artists they feature are up-and-coming, and if you like De Maar and music like his, you've found the right place.

RussianDVD-a huge selection of Russian DvDs, CDs and Videos on this Brooklyn-based site is available for purchase.

Music on INet-A comprehensive Georgian site with many mp3s available. However, it can be hard to navigate if you don't read Georgian.

TopHit-I only go here for news and charts. It's possible to download clips of many popular songs (and very new ones at that) in mp3 format, but the quality is quite low and they are usually only about a minute long. However, the sections on Russian music news are great, and the SMS/download/airplay charts are also useful, especially if you dont live in Russia but you want to see what is popular at the moment.

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Zvuki-A classic and dependable site for news, concert and artist info and some mp3s. Recommendations are good, as are the "InterWWWiews" with artists.

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Zaycev-mp3s/forums. Huge (and ever-growing) selection of Russian, European, American, international mp3s. If you can't find what you're looking for here, you'll probably have to buy it on Amazon.

Top Downloads-mp3s, files and programs zaycev-style. Offers some songs you can't find on Zaycev, and vice versa. can find some of the most popular Russian and European mp3 files here, but the downloads take awhile (at least on my computer :P).

More to come...

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Camille said...

Hello, I really like faktor-2. Do you know any websites where i could buy tickets to a concert of theirs when/if they come to New York?