Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Seryoga in LA! (Updated)

"Can you say you’ve been to the biggest event in the history of Russian nightlife? You will, after you experience what we have in store for you in January of 2007. For the first time in the US, the number one ultra superstar of modern time (that would be famous MC Seryoga) is going to rock Los Angeles in a performance of a lifetime!"

All right, all right. It's
RosConcert.com hyperbole. But still, if I can get to the Key Club in Weho Friday night (9.00 pm to 2.00 am FYI), I'll post concert pics and a review in this entry later.

And if you live in either L.A. or San Fran and harbor any desire whatsoever to see a top-of-the-line Russian rap show, go for it! And comment here later!

A little background info: You might have heard Seryoga's biggest hits, "King Ring," "Cherniy Boomer" and most recently "1,000,000$ U.S." on Russian radio stations (particularly Russkogo Radio, which seems to repeat its playlist quite often). He's a Russian rapper. Draw your own conclusions.

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...some guy at a Russian restaurant gave me this flier last weekend. Enjoy!


"The biggest event in the history of Russian nightlife?" Lamest night ever. Seryoga didn't even show up--nice going, Russian Invasion! I concede that it's not really their fault--there were "visa complications" or something. However, they promised to bring him to the US (for real, possibly?) in April.

But what they should have done was get a couple of the gogo dancers to start rapping. Most people were too drunk to know the difference. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ну почему не в Чикаго.... эх ((((

B.P. said...

I'm really sory, but it's not even rap! He steals ideas from talented people. Cherniy boomer is a rip off of Shnurov's 'Boomer' soundtrack. '1000000 USD' is a good song of Zapreschennie Barabanschiki'.

DevushkaAvariya/Девушка Авария said...

i've heard the zapreshennie barabanshiki song; it's not rap....i know seryoga might have ripped off the idea but he def. didn't rip off the song. and not to defend plagiarism or anythingm but i know it's not just seryoga who has ripped-off "Cherniy boomer" from shnur. there are a lot of different artists' takes on CB--there's even a mixsong-collaboration w/ Faktor 2 and Arash called "Bora Bora Gde Boomer!" Anyway i didn;t post this to say how great Seryoga was; just to say he's touring America--something I'll try to do every time a Russian popular music (and that doesnt just mean pop) artist comes to the US.