Friday, January 19, 2007

Pleased to meet you.

Preved Medvedi! I'm Devushka Avariya, and I came to a startling realization as I was cleaning/getting organized this morning. I counted my CDs for the first time in about a year, and I realized, with some alarm, that I own about 140 Russian pop, dance, rock and hip-hop CDs. I figure that if I have this much knowledge (or opinions...?) on a specific topic, I should hop on the bandwagon and--hold your breath--START A BLOG. So here goes.

My taste in Russian, European and Georgian music spans decades--for instance, I listen to everything from old Pugacheva to new BandEros and Timati. Rock too--Bi-2, Splin, Leningrad and Zemfira. I attend live shows in America; I scan TopHit, MTVRu Charts,,, Zvuki, RussianDVD and roughly sixty million other websites almost daily to check for updates in the ever-changing Russian music scene. If you're interested, I'll post links to some of my favorite new mp3s every week, available for FREE downloading. These won't necessarily be new--but many of them will. I will post two top-five lists per week: one containing my favorite recently released hits; one with some randomly interesting songs that you might like to hear. I can also post concert reviews: for instance, Dima Bilan and Serega are both coming to America within the next month, and I'll try to make both shows. If I can somehow score tickets to Baskov and Povali, I'll definitely review them as well.

Whether you're a Russian music aficionado or you're just interested in hearing some of it, click around and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Привет, мы значит американскую музыку вовсю качаем, а вы россий скую понятно...)))) said...

So much helpful data for me!