Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know I'm a little late. Well, almost 3 weeks late--I even missed Stariy Noviy God last weekend. Several places in and around L.A. had spectacular Russian New Year's parties; I went to a rave at the SportsCenter downtown instead. But just for a little Russification, I've decided to post my essential songs for a Russian New Year's party. Save 'em for next year or just listen to them once in awhile so you don't forget those resolutions.
1. Noviy God-Leningrad. You knew this would be here; it's a ska-punk classic from a band that is beyond awesome. Spasibo, Shnur!

2. Novogodnaya Pesnya-Blestyashi. Exactly what you'd expect from the likes of Olga Orlova and the girls: sweet, low-key pop.

3. Novogodnaya-Soso Pavliashvili. Every New Year's party needs some Georgian wine.

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4. Novogodnaya (Menya Pryot)-MC Vspishkin & Nikiforovna. You've got to admire an act that can a) get people on the dance floor and b) spoof Otpeti Mosheniki, Leonid Agutin and almost any other Russian star you can name while doing so.

5. New Year-Dima Bilan. Sweet vocals over a trip-hop mix of "Jingle Bells." And a catchy chorus about traditions every Russian will recognize: chocolate and Stariy Pesni o Glavnom, anyone?

6. Novi God-Reflex. Love them or hate them, this song is exactly what you'd expect from the girl group. Well, until the rap breakdown offers some relief to the repetitiveness...

7. Veseli Novogodniye-Verka Serduchka. You can hear the lisp and the Ukrainian accent--Verka's back for another New Year's party! Wickedly catchy and hilarious. Also try Yolki.

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8. S Legkim Parom-Lazurniy Bereg. More than 3 decades after the eponymous New Year's movie was first shown, modern Russian bands are still spoofing it and re-recording the popular songs. LB is no exception, but their raucous take on "Ironiya Sudbiy" is definitely worth a listen. Techno act Triplex also does a take of this.

9. Novi God-Mikhail Krug. Classic chanson from the Russian Tupac. Well, he's definitely not Tupac music-wise. I think that nickname is more of an, um, gang reference.

10. Novi God-Star Factory contestants. Oh, admit it. You secretly like the show. Or not. Either way, listen to this for an ultra-collaboration.

11. S Novim Godom, Kroshka!-Mumiy Troll I just downloaded this at the recommendation of B.P. Apparently this list has too much pop on it, and I'm not going to dispute that...there IS a lot of pop, besides Krug and Leningrad. Plus, I like Mumiy Troll and this is a GREAT song!



DevushkaAvariya/Девушка Авария said...

sorry; i'll post mp3 links to these when i have time :)

B.P. said...

Hey. Why is there no 'S Novim godom Kroshka" by Mumiy Troll? It's the best New Year song ever!!! I see you have only pop music here.

DevushkaAvariya/Девушка Авария said...

i like Mumiy troll; never heard that song though. yes I do have a lot of pop, but i wouldn't say leningrad is pop. neither is mikhail krug. sorry, i'll look for that 1....

b.p. said...

Well. I really hate to be the guy with a pin to burst someone's bubble, but Krug was definitelly pop. They call it 'Russian Chanson' but it's just a bad sounding primitive music with criminal lyrics.

DevushkaAvariya/Девушка Авария said...

Okay, point taken: chanson can be described as "priitive with criminal lyrics." But I don't think Krug's music can be classified as pop. I didn't say it was rock because it's not really, but it's def. not pop if you consider ppl like bilan and reflex to be "pop" artists. Krug's music is undeniably different from theirs, and i am trying to have different genres of music represented.

b.p. said...

Sorry. I was just trying to explain how the things are in Russia. We have this long never-ending argument about rock and pop music. But this is YOUR blog. And I really like it.

DevushkaAvariya/Девушка Авария said...

thanks! that's okay; i am def. open to hearing other peoples opinions ; sorry if i sounded offended or anything.